Terror Green “You” produced by Big Jack

Terror Green “In The House” produced by Canei Finch

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the talents of your peers, based on the nature of the environment you see them in. Take Terror Green for example. I met this brother a little over a year ago I supposed now, as part of the ‘crew’ at Santos Party House during Just Blaze and DJ Soul’s Friday night party, Re-Opened. A chill laid back dude, he came through and showed love to my, Megan, and Vasco’s BBQ this summer and as well as put me onto New Apolo in Williamsburg, the first place I’ve ever had liquid crack in a cup (say no to drugs kids). Oh, and all the sunrise runs to Wo-Hop! Ha!

I’m not quite sure when I was put up on it #pause, but come to find out Green is a dope MC, who’s been on hiatus for a few years from rhyming, but has been getting back into writing songs. Go figure, no rust; the flow is still sharp. Big Jack, who I also was unaware for the longest made music until one morning after the club we were both talking about how awesome the Diamond District album was, did a joint from him (and is supposed to be sending me some more tracks soon) as well as Canei who produces with Just Blaze.

It’s like, I’d see these guys once a week, and be in ‘party’ mode, as much as my socially awkward ass could be in such, and forgetting that folks be puttin in work the rest of the time you don’t see them. Good work all around. Must hear more. Follow them on twitter.



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