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Apathy – We're Gonna Kill You

By May 25, 2010April 14th, 2015Music, Premiere

i just got this email from my homie Apathy… lol

Subject: Apathy shits on Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth and New Boyz NEW SONG

Apathy “We’re Gonna Kill You”
[audio:’re Gonna Kill You.mp3]

When I first started taking rapping seriously… there was a system of checks and balances, to prevent “wack mc’s” from fucking up music. And if I’m sending you this mp3 right now, it’s because I respect you, and I know you know that.

Rappers/MC’s had to be nice and have skill. Now… that has been replaced with having buzz, and blogging and shit, without paying dues. Fuck that.
I don’t know when it became taboo to diss wack MC’s… but that needs to be brought back.

People confused dissing rappers… with hating. And that’s crazy.

Much love… much respect… please pass this around to everyone you know… or throw it up on your sites, if you have one.




RIK Label Manager. Beat Fanatic. Music Hoarder. Twitter: @SlopFunkDust


  • ShinobiBlack says:

    This song is the Truth. I went to a Hip Hop show in the Valley and it was a couple of Prep School kids rocking the mic for a room full of My Space and WOW addicts. Thats far from Hip Hop… preach on Apathy

  • Verses were fucking perfect, chorus was legally retarded and totally…totally un-necessary.

  • White Spyda says:

    i really didnt expect this song to be as hot as it is
    now i cant stop listening to it
    good shit apathy

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