#WeAreTheWorld 2010 Sucks

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  • Dre says:

    Ignorance is bliss!!!!fuck it the ignorance of your current comment has let me realize that bloggers are whiney bitches!!!!!i mean c’mon, you wanna boycott them cause they made a song too benefit people in need. And i know you make money off this fucking site how much of the shit have you donated! i mean grow the fuck up!!!!!

  • buckaesthetiks says:

    I think it’s genius.

    The people in need aren’t seeing as big results of the amount of donations from around the world, all they get is this crappy song. Peeps should’ve been caring about Haiti before the earthquake went down. Money ain’t sh*t, actions speak louder than the mean green. Singing about it ain’t gonna put the money in the rightful hands.

  • FireBrand says:

    Yeah, Dre. I guess I should show my open arsehole for a benefit, too. Hey…it’s for a good cause. Never mind that it’s nasty.

  • King says:

    WOW. I really don’t know what to say, Why couldn’t they just do a song for Haiti, why call it “We are the world part 2,” To be honest, both songs mean well and i guess that’s all that matters LOL, i don’t like either song so i really don’t care if its wack or not LOL FWMJ a whiny Bit** LMAO! what you got to say about that LOL

  • rasclaaat says:

    massive kudos for this post goes to FWMJ!

  • rasclaaat says:

    …and to Jay@illdoctrine too of course. y’all is keepin those heads ringin!

  • SlopFunkDust says:

    that nigga frank is a BAWSE for this shit! lol

  • Tough Junkie says:

    I am with ya on this.

    Travolta Just showed up with a jet full of food. No make-up ….
    He showed up like that during the Katrina events, too.

    It was a good idea, but a horrible result of a song. And it seemed alil too calculated to be a benefit song.
    Almost like cats were waiting for a chance to redo a micheal jackson song for free because he isn’t here. Speaking of Mike, I am sure Mike would have said, “Oh no. Let me just write another song. That song was written for Africa.”

    It kinda proves that everything about Hollywood is a stage prop. It is like, with all that talent in the room, nobody was inspired enough by Haiti to write new material? Word?!? It is more disappointing than finding out the Drake means a male duck. Ole duck azz nig!


  • FWMJ says:

    lol @ Dre

    i am a whiny little bitch though. ask anyone that knows me. i be whinin mayne

  • JMack says:

    Man FWMJ, thank you. Someone had the balls to say it. I was too much of a vagina to come out and say it, but you had the proverbial brass cojones. Nicely done, bravo and congrats. That whole thing was a commercial, exploitation of complete fuckery that is shameful to say the least. Each one of those artists donating $100k > what the record will profit for haiti. HOWEVER, each one of those artists stand to make a nice little side hustle not only for the pay they probably took to do this but the positive publicity they will get which will earn them alot of cash. So I agree fuck em. If they were truly concerned, they’d all publicly drop a shit load of money into a hat, then put out a press release stating that they just collaboratively gave away ten bajillion dollars to haiti….. you know what.. you just inspired a blog post im gonna do… HATRED!!!!

  • JMack says:

    I just realized the reason people are pissed is the song sucks LOL!!!! Im on some other shit haha

  • king will says:

    word man i feel you. what the fuck a song going to do, when you have people like Puff Daddy buying his son a 300,000 dollar Bugatti and then giving a 10,000 check to wyclefs charity for haiti. shit is fucked. the artists need to go down and get dirty if they want to help.


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