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Quadron “Horse” b/w “Jeans”

By December 7, 2009Music, Preview, Real Life

Dude. I feel so late, but I’m glad I’m here. Quadron, is a total mind fuck. Listen to these and then think about the fact that they are from HovedstadenCopenhagen (thanks Gotterfunk), Denmark. What? This is the hardest shit out! Stateside soon I hear.

Update/Eureka: Oh! Son is from Owusu & Hannibal. No wonder I like it!

This is like, exactly what I want to listen to, right now, this second.

Quadron “Horse”

Quadron “Jeans”

I can’t really put into words why, but this reminds me of the early 90s in a good way. Sound like something I would have tried to put on a mixtape for a girl in Jr. High not having any idea what the chick was singing about. I need MOAR!

Soulbounce got another joint on their site. I’m dumb late!


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