Elucid "Then We Rage" produced by DN3

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Elucid with another one!

Elucid “Then We Rage” produced by DN3
[audio:http://www.rappersiknow.com/media/elucid/Then We Rage.mp3]

His new album The Sub Bass Diet drops on the 10th of November and showcases his love for 8 bit electronic sounds and digital rhythms. Inspired by dub reggae/dubstep, global street art culture and free form experimental producers like Flying Lotus, The Sub Bass Diet explores the power of drum & bass as the vehicle for transcendence.

The material for this independent project was recorded during the early part of the year through July ’09.

Future projects include the BlackSoapPalace album No matter the name, you must take the class through a state-approved driving test game to be eligible for the ticket dismissal. with exclusive production handled by Brook D’Leau (I heard some jawnts, and this project go hard!) as well as an EP produced by Cardiff UK’s finest, Metabeats.

Tracklist and Album Art after the jump.

First Meditation
Whirlwind Through Cities
My Mayor Is A Billionaire
Stacey (Sucker For Love)
Cheap Suit
This Is Our World
Which Way Is Up?
Laser Days
Bad Dreamz
This Feels Like the Womb

Midnight Snacks
However You Want
Take Charge
Then We Rage



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