OJ Da Juiceman gets Booed at BB Kings

By October 22, 2009Real Life, RIK.TV, Shows


  • NickNack says:

    Who is that girl defending him. LMAO.

  • FLATLINERZ says:

    Word who is that clownass bitch .. I know NY is hustlers 2 ? who you foolin .. OJ da tom man aint no hustler.. Yall lucky that was on some bb king Manhattan shit..if they was really on that NY shit homey woulda caught heat right there .quaterbrick half a brick aye.. lol Keep doing the jews dirty work puppet ass niggas..you talk that gangsta shit you better back it up .. i bet you jewy the jewman got a police escort out the spot 2..bravo

  • LowBallz says:

    Hahahahaha!! how u gonna bring that garbage to ny ? c’mon we aint tryin to hear that south shit !!!!

  • Remix says:

    Wow. Hilarious.

  • Greengo says:

    Hey fuck that,OJ been on top out here in Northern Cali for over a year.

    Whens the last time any WU member had a hit?

    Raekwon playing in Humboldt tomorrow nite we gonna represent that brick squad love out here and booo his NY ass off the stage believe that.

  • p-soul says:

    LMFAO!! DAAMMNNN RIIGH!! NEEW YORKK BABY!!!! get da fuck outta here wit dat bullshit! LMAO!

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