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  1. Selah*Kumani says:

    This is some slow roll on the seawall type groove… I’ve not heard the original either, but I’m curious to hear the difference.

  2. pop life says:

    drop top music lol this is hot

  3. lowendtheory says:

    how haven’t you heard the original?

  4. FWMJ says:

    i’m sure i have, but i can’t recall what it sounds like. not even interested after hearing this version. been jammin this version for the last few months

  5. Thats it ! I need the album..

  6. Théo says:

    You should check out Astronote’s version of this song. It’s fucking incredible !!!!!! He remixed the whole album, but he killed this one.

  7. FWMJ says:

    Astronote is the truth! link me to his version

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