A Tribe Called Quest to perform Midnight Marauders in Full at Rock The Bells 2010

By June 8, 2010 Music, Real Life, Shows

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  1. ewokalypse says:


  2. BigProv says:

    People, if you haven’t seen Tribe perform live, you REALLY need to come out for this.

  3. Dj ILL One says:

    I remember ATCQ came to my hometown when this album dropped. De La And Tribe tore the house down. One of my favorite shows of all time.

  4. prisonfood. says:

    oh. my. god.
    If I don’t find a bootleg of this concert somewhere…. aha…….

  5. BrotherDante says:

    lol @ lupe being on the cover.
    this album is a classic, but lupe wouldn’t know anything about that. ha!

  6. J. Bizness says:

    Maybe I’m just uncool…
    …But why are they performing THAT of all things?
    I don’t get it…
    I remember buying that CD when it 1st came out, but – I wanna hear some new shit.

  7. FWMJ says:

    everyone’s performing their ‘classic’ albums. RTB is a concert for folks stuck in the past for the most part

  8. Bavu Blakes says:

    look at the guy to the left of the lady in the album cover’s shoulder

    no lupe

  9. CtrlAltMalik says:

    Lolz @ the lupe addition

  10. LuigiBo87 says:

    WOAH! He TOTALLY looks like Lupe! *dies*

  11. I’d Sparta Kick my grandma for some tickets

  12. DJ Burb says:

    but will it come to Houston though…………. if not, I’m hatin

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