Tanika Charles x Rich Kidd

By May 5, 2010 November 18th, 2015 Music, Premiere

Tanika decided to document the making of her new single “Silly Happy Wild” hence the title for the doc The Silly Happy Wild Sessions (which is in 4 parts). She made the song with the homie Rich Kidd, and both the song and doc came out dope as shit. You get to see the thought process of Tanika and the geinus that is casino online Rich Kidd. Glad to hear this on the radio up here. Doc was directed/edited by Mark Valino.

Tanika Charles “Silly Happy Wild” (Produced by Rich Kidd)
[audio:http://www.rappersiknow.com/media/tanikacharles/Silly Happy Wild.mp3]

check Tanika”s other joints at her bandcamp site here

check the jump for video 2 and 3.


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  1. the-girl-next-door says:

    Tanika is the cutest. The bee’s Knee’s if you will

  2. amazing voice i have great ideas for your sound to switch it up a little if your interested please contact me to chat i would love to have your soul and love along side this great idea. talk soon love and peace

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