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[ Rahdu and I bet on the NCAA College Football Championship, basically my alma-mater UT versus who would go to college in Alabama. Bama cheated won, so technically I have to post music from Alabama.

But on the real, this isn’t wild like shaving my head or pulling an ebadu on the assy knolle because these producers/remixes are swell. And so is Rahdu’s site, so we’re all winners… right?

Yes! ]

street lamp sessions

<a href="">Slowly Surely (Supreme Remix) by BamaLoveSoul</a>

1 BamaLoveSoul Intro
2 Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty (If I Don’t Have You JuniorStar Remix)
3 Shaheed – Beautiful Black Ethiopian Skin
4 Amel Larrieux – For Real (So For Real Remix)
5 Jay Z – Party Life (I Mean War Remix)
6 Jill Scott – Slowly Surely (Supreme Remix)
7 Jaafar – Everytime (Electric Soul Remix)

BamaLoveSoul.Com is happy to present its first remix compilation, The
Street Lamp Sessions Vol.1: The Remixes! Some of your favorite tunes were
remixed by carefully selected producers to give you a nocturnal emission of
the sonic kind. The producers delivered, transforming tracks by Amel
Larrieux, Jill Scott, Jaafar and more into tunes that must be added to your
daily playlist. Get comfortable, plug in and be transported to cosmopolitan
martini lounges, Jamaican dancehalls and everywhere in between.

Adhering to our mission to change the perception of what types of music are created and listened to in Alabama, we carefully selected some of the state’s best
producers to remix some of your favorite tunes. While you’re
listening, make sure you also check out the crew’s website’s latest look
at the newly remodeled BamaLoveSoul.Com


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  1. Gee says:

    Apparently the producer of Slowly Surely loved to play Phantasy Star Online as much as I did:

  2. Supreme says:

    Sorry, Gee. I never heard of it. I did click the link though. Not bad.

  3. Tye1 says:

    Its okay to admit where you sample from….cause it most def sounds like that video game.
    So no frontin dude…its cool. LOL

  4. Tye1 says:

    I do think that the remixes could have been better, there are better producers in BAMA (Bham) Im sure.
    I know some…but no hating, its good. Shouts out to Shaheed. Okay Im done

  5. FWMJ says:

    Try Moe Koffman – Days Gone By (Egyptology)

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