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Hip Hop Bloggers “If I Ruled the Blogosphere” Parts I & II

By April 21, 2010 March 29th, 2011 Misc, Real Life, RIK.TV

On Saturday, April 3, Future of Music Coaltion and Words Beats & Life hosted If I Ruled the Blogosphere: Hip-Hop Bloggers and Social Change, a panel discussion that featured hip-hop bloggers such as Meka Udoh (2 Dope Boyz), Dallas Penn (Dallas Penn & the Internets Celebrities), Jason Reynolds (OkayPlayer), Frank William Miller Junior (FWMJ of and Chris Rabb (Afro-Netizen) talking about a host of topics, some of which included net neutrality (I wish we’d have delved into this more), the convergence of technology and independent music,

FMC will be on hand to talk about how policy shapes what the hip-hop community does, where it goes and what it says on the online. FMC will also present information that bloggers, artists, and fans can use to protect their right to free speech and entrepreneurship via the open Internet.

A question and answer/peer learning session will also take place immediately after, during which attendees will be able to network with peers, panelists and presenters.


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  1. Dart_Adams says:

    Part One ends with me bumrushing the stage? *Watches it* Yep. Part One DOES, in fact, end with me bumrushing the stage. LOL


  2. Slop says:

    my nigga dart adams on bully foot patrol!!! lol

  3. titi_215 says:

    Kudos, Frank & Dart. I appreciate the insight & background…

  4. titi_215 says:

    @ Slop – I didn’t know WHAT was gonna happen! That was intense for a second…

  5. ewokalypse says:

    Awesome for real! Your work and love of music and hip-hop is the actual pulse of it ALL ….keeps it alive. Blessings on top of blessings for you!

  6. Samantha says:

    Took some time to watch this. dope stuff. Frank im living testament of the people your efforts have reached. Your site puts me onto loads of great music i ordinarily wouldnt think to listen to. Oddisee sounds very intelligent and insightful and im going to look into his work now. LOL @ Dart Adams. homeboy had to break it down. Good stuff.

  7. LowBallz says:

    Dallas Penn is a fat nerd

  8. Wisdom says:

    I was supposed to attend the event on April 3rd, but personal/spousal issues prevented me from attending LOL….looks like this was a dope event…I am DEFINITELY going to attend the next event/panel held…..

    ONE LOVE!!!!

  9. SHAWN PEN says:

    zSHARE – Get it In _Dirty_.mp3 via

  10. that was a great discussion panel. S/O to @WordsBeatsLife @dcRap @EatthecakeNYC and all the bloggers who came though. i made a lot of good connections that day #1vsM

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