Illastrate – While They're Still Here #2

By February 25, 2010 November 20th, 2015 Music, Premiere

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  1. junMaf*ckin says:

    Illastrate is such a BEAST yo!

    Discovered this Brother’s talent Back when i used to work for an independent record label in NYC back in 2005

    That ShootOuts remix is HARD my G!!

  2. junMaf*ckin says:

    Dayuyum Be Mine is crazy too!!!

    I need to breathe on that!

    LOVE Anita Baker yo!!!

    (Humming) “Im Gonna Wrap on ya door (Ya Door!!)”

  3. Chachi Bogoli says:

    oh shit this beat was used for Small Eyez’s Real Thing. Bad ass track

  4. dj jamad says:


    That my dude right there!!!!!

    True beat science!

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