Jay Electronica “Exhibit C” produced by Just Blaze (Radio Rip)

By October 28, 2009Music, Real Life

Author FWMJ

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  1. FWMJ says:

    lol. these lyrics are straight from jay and missing the last few bars

  2. itsmr2u says:

    ridiculous knowledge! this cat has that… that… that… universal word. that vibe that… true heads understand, feel and need for balance. Damn Jay!!.. Damn!!

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  4. Strait nigga music, Can’t wait to see more competition between him and J. Cole (Lord knows J. Cole’s better) But it’ll be good music.

  5. junkone...tck says:

    finally some medicine for the real hip hop heads who understand the true essence of real hip hop and what its all about. we need to support this cat. word

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  7. Dope says:

    OH MANN!!
    That was sick!
    Its crazy how popular this guys getting. And ima do my best to continue spreading this amazing hip hop music!!


  8. Peace,

    The God did his thing on Exhibit C…and what’s really fuckin cats’ up is the fact HE IS NOT FROM NEW YORK! No more of this cookie-cutter bullshit on the way artists should sound because of where he/she is from! Being that I’m a DJ, his song is in hot rotation wherever I spin!!

    Positive Education Always Creates Elevation

  9. oliver says:

    Man im from london in the uk i dont normally come across rappers that aint well known but this shit is on another level the mans a poet the way he puts shit together great rapper one of the best iv heard good luck in the future man im gona track you on your way peace


  10. Ben says:

    I have no idea how I missed this song for an entire year. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Amazing. Holy Shit. Now I got your blog on my RSS and I will never be ignorant again.

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