“Cloud 9” featuring Marsha Ambrosius, produced by Focus

“The Reunion” produced by Black Milk

“Fall In Love” produced by Jay Dee

“Raise It Up” produced by Jay Dee

“Trinity” produced by Black Milk, cuts by DJ Dez


Slum Village
Remember The Classics

1. Intro
2. Cloud 9 featuring Marsha Ambrosius
3. Insane
4. Things We Do
5. Get Live
6. Interlude
7. The Reunion
8. Thelonius featuring Common
9. Conant Gardens
10. Climax
11. Tainted featuring Dwele
12. Get This Money
13. Interlude
14. Keep Holding On
15. Fall In Love
16. Raise It Up
17. J Dilla Tribute
18. Interlude
19. Love You Hate
20. 2U4U
21. Trinity
22. EZ Up
23. Selfish featuring Kanye West & John Legend
24. Dirty featuring Dirt McGirt

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  1. Aeon says:

    i think i hate this fucking dj. solid song selection.

  2. Aeon says:

    correction: no qualms with the dj. it’s the host who needs to pipe the hell down. apologies to Supa.

  3. ReubThaDude says:

    I HAAAAAAAAATE mouthy a$$ MC’s..juss mess up a good mix of songs….he is waaaaay to annoying..im not even going to download this…good mix though…NAT…shut upppppppp

  4. JPeso says:

    Damn, DJ. Good tracklist though.

  5. […] This is a definite treat here and a must have for any Slum Village fan, and how could you not be?! There’s not much to say about this one here because the music speaks for itself. Classic Slum rhymes, Classic Dilla beats, Classic head nodding tunes. What are you waiting for?! Go and cop that here. […]

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