From The Makers Of Fat Albert In The Hood – Kid N Play Cartoon Episode 1 The (Snowbunny Syndrome)

By May 23, 2009 Misc, RIK.TV

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  1. c.blak says:

    kid n play had a cartoon?

  2. Luigi-Bo 87 says:

    “Now that white girls got fat asses, what we need y’all for???” (bows down)

  3. Damien says:

    I’m showing my age, because I remember this series…

  4. Dj Ill One says:

    First Fat Albert and now this? I hope they hit up “Hammerman” too.

  5. Joy says:

    Yes! Somewhere in my garage, I have the Kid-N-Play, New Kids on the Block, Hammerman, and Punky Brewster cartoons on videotape.

    Damn, I’m old!

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