Elzhi “The World Is Yours” (Snippet)

By April 10, 2009 Music, Premiere

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  1. bit says:


    that cudi clip was embarrassing, i didn’t even finish it. lol @ him thinking he really was doing something! his father left him at 11… i would’ve too with rhymes like that

  2. Rosalinda says:

    re elzhi: <3 it.

    re cudi: *big red stop sign*

  3. The Black English Man says:

    This is nice!

  4. El coming with it as always. LOL at the Cudi clip, but honestly it ain’t fair to compare an ill Elzhi written to a Cudi on the spot freestyle. I don’t even like Cudi like that, written or otherwise, but that ain’t right! LOL

  5. […] I found this track lurking about on the interweb with this review from someone who must really love Elzhi (of Slum Village). I’m not pausing that statement because I think this guy really does love Elzhi. Read on as the review is not only informative but entertaining. Go in! It’s finally official. eLZhi’s long awaited opus “ELMATIC” finally has a release date, May 10th, 2011. There are many of you that are completely oblivious as to why this announcement alone is a big deal. Well, you need to thank God that the post you’re reading is written by Dart Adams. First off, eLZhi is arguably the best living emcee on planet Earth. Secondly, the conscious world (those that are the illuminated blessed with knowledge, not to be confused with the Illuminati) knows that between Hex Murda, House Shoes, FWMJ & myself we’ve been waiting on eLZhi to complete “ELMATIC” for years now. YEARS, B!. […]

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