Donwill “Laura’s Song” Video (directed by Marques Green)

By March 13, 2009 Music, RIK.TV

Author FWMJ

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  1. Ldavoice says:

    Dat ish is sweeeeeeeeet

  2. Damien says:

    Is that the girl from Fringe? (Yes, I am a geek)

  3. FWMJ says:

    that’s the boy Astro. cats sleepin on europe

  4. King says:

    Yea DOPE!

  5. Felix says:

    sooo, don, since you guys aren’t together anymore you mind passing on her contact info and everything.

  6. The Black English Man says:

    That’s one hot light skinned girl!!! LOL!

  7. sherm says:

    this is dope.

  8. VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding(fill in the blank) says:

    Yeah Damein you took the question right out of my mouth, but i was going to say………………… Oh shitttttt that’s the cute girl from Fringe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Nordy says:

    Dope dope dope

  10. Tha B Side says:

    I dig this track . . .
    Tha B side
    something different . . . something better

  11. Bigpookie1974 says:

    …….NICE!!! i likes, i likes!!!

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