Scanz: Week 5

By November 25, 2008 Music

Been a wild week. Scanz writes his rhymes in his blackberry–The USB port in the blackberry got busted…and he thought he lost his rhymes (245 verses). Verizon tech support wasn’t helping, but it got figured out.

Anyway-we’re on week 5 (3 more weeks left) of the Murder The Industry and Murder The Underground series. For Industry, Scanz goes in on 88 Keys “Stay up”, featured on ‘The Death Of Adam’ (in stores now), which is AWESOME. For Underground, he teams up with Wesley Simpson over the Madlib beat “Answers” from the Lootpack album.

Scanz: Stay Up Freestyle (Produced by 88 Keys)

[audio: up.mp3]

Scanz and Wesley Simpson-Murder The Answers (Produced by Madlib):

[audio: _ Wesley Simpson -MTU5-Murder The Answer _Madlib_ Lootpack-Answers_.mp3]

Download links after the jump

Download Scanz-Stay Up Freestyle (Produced by 88 Keys)

Download Scanz and Wesley Simpson-Murder The Answers (Produced by Madlib)

Whatup Shake. Whatup Jay.


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  1. Greg says:

    I didn’t realize that the Lootpack’s “Answers” used the same sample as Pacewon’s “I Declare War”

  2. KNOWxONE says:

    I’ve been seriously sleeping on Scanz. Hearing those 2 tracks got me wanting to hear more.

  3. omfg itz drum says:

    this dude is nice.

    i’ve been seriously digging these posts.

  4. Praverb says:

    Scanz is very talented feeling these songs…

  5. CAUCASIAN says:

    immediately feeling this.

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