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By November 7, 2008 Podcasts, Premiere

Whats good folk, its Von. This Tuesday im putting out a new mixtapepromoalbumthingamajig. You like Von Pea & Tanya Morgan? Hopefully. You like Madlib? Me too. Well you should like this mixtapepromoalbumthing then. FWMJ was cool enough to let me hit you with the podcast version of the album a few days early, so here you go!


podcast tracklisting:
web 2009
all day hell f/ donwill of tanya morgan
more talking
so supreme
the bubble f/ che grand
pea greenery
even more talking
love f/ median and elucid
yet MORE talking
one man circus f/ ilyas
BONUS: final 4 shit
elucid – automatic writing (prod. AEON)
spec boogie – s.b. (prod. AEON)
che grand – electric yacht brain in the studio or some shit like that LOL

p.s. fwmj i was gonna post the “players!” video too but i got an error message :-/ lol

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  1. FWMJ says:

    u haz no video posting skillz0r

  2. Von Pea says:

    i also haz no podcast posting skillz

  3. King says:

    I can listen to Von Spit all day, the verse he spit on 4 men still gives me the chills

  4. Fucking awesome! Can’t wait for the tracked out version…


  5. Tom @ Portland via Trenton, NJ says:

    classic von, keep making that true music

  6. Antoine says:

    dogs… split the tracks up plz!

  7. kyle manning says:

    Dope I-DISH!!! MADPEA!!

  8. SkipGotSkills says:

    Dope shit all the time, this is straight fire sir.

  9. jenkinz says:

    whatchoo doin’ at lake merritt?

  10. vex blizzy says:

    oh, she brain’d you like a dum-dum?

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