Excellent D’Angelo Article in SPIN (Aug 2008)

By July 24, 2008 July 30th, 2008 Music

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  • Great article ! Thank you !

  • Spanky says:

    Great read- the vodka ad in the middle of it was quite the juxtaposition, however…

  • FWMJ says:

    Spanky, same thing my roommate said


  • Hyphen says:

    Thanks for posting this, great read. Sad shit.

  • DBDR says:

    Can we get a re-up? I’m getting a 404 error…thnaks.

    I heard about this article today and am very interested in seeing it.

  • ken says:


    You should be able to click through to the article there. Great read.

  • DJ Hyalow says:

    Thank you for posting. It’s really sad to hear about such a talented person like D’angelo travel down the road in which he has been, but it is understandable when reading about all the circumstances combined with his personality. I feel a little guilty about putting stress on artists myself, not necessarily D’angelo himself, but I’ve asked myself 1000’s of times, “Why won’t Black Star put another album out?!” I now realize and understand that artists make projects with something in mind, and the reception to the project can get taken way farther, or completely differently than the artists intends. I will be extremely proud, and in full support of D’angelo if he can conquer his demons and follow a righteous path in the manor in which he chooses, whatever that may be. This also goes for the other artists meantioned in the article, and other artists that are going through similar issues.

  • DJ Haylow says:

    …i can’t even spell my own name right! It’s DJ Haylow…thanks again for the post, and I also got to say I love rappersiknow.com.

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