Spec Boogie “Bed Stuy”

By February 1, 2008 October 9th, 2008 Music

Author FWMJ

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  1. This is the resurrected anthem of the year! Rep Stid-die ery-day!!

    M’Bwebe Ishangi
    Da Ghetto Tymz magazine — http://daghettotymz.com
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  2. CanelaNYC says:

    Best executed sample I never thought of!

  3. DJ Low Key says:

    This joint is NUTS, Von’s so slept on with the beats and Spec crushes on here too…The whole song bangs all the way around…

  4. Hype says:

    This is dope !

  5. Kashmere Don says:

    Damn bruh… nice way to flip them Take 6 vocals…. nice flow… very good sir

  6. S-Dub says:

    Thanks for droppin’ this, been looking for it for quite some time. Love this joint, especially the way that Take 6 sample got flipped.

  7. j rod says:

    the “SB” track is genius…….

  8. Robert DeBereaux says:

    The sample is from “Do the Right Thing” soundtrack Take 6 did the radio drop. Not ” She Gotta Have It” . Samuel Jackson as the dj Senor Love Daddy….”and thats the double truth ruth”

  9. Ronald Artwell says:

    ohsokool resurrected this jawn a few munts ago. all of new york need to hear this sheayt summer 2009

  10. artois says:

    This tune is fu@*ing enormous! Heard it first time on Saturday @ a Jam in London. Get this joint out there. Huge.

  11. Polobear718 says:

    Woah! This joint is smooth and rough at the same time, very well executed!

  12. Saleem says:

    I love how Von Pea flipped this joint

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