Rappers I Know Podcast Volume V: “These Are The Breaks Vol. I” compiled by DJ Cipher

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In 2002, DJ Cipher compiled a 2 CD breaks and beats compilation called “These Are The Breaks Vol. I & II”. I designed covers for four volumes, not sure if he finished volumes 3 and 4.

Produced by DJ Cipher for Beat Farm Fresh Produce.
Recorded Live @ The Beat Farm.

This compilation contains original songs sampled and/or replayed by yesterday and today’s hottest hip-hop & R&B artists.

All songs are from original recordings (i.e. lps, 45rpms, 12″s). No reissues or breaks and beats compilations.

Cipher (M.I.M.S.)

Click Here for The Track List


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  1. Carnegie says:

    Wow! ‘Preciate this, Frank and Ciph. Brings back great memories of Ciph and Sincere’s “These are the breaks” drop on their Sunday night KPFT show.

    Ciph actually made a couple break tapes around ’97 that my boy Jordan sent to me my freshman year in college. I played them joints like non-stop my whole freshman year.

  2. Carnegie says:

    Edit: come to think of it – the KPFT drop was actually “It’s that old ish…that old ish.”

  3. Big Mon says:

    Damn. Now I gotta go home and pull the cd out again!

  4. Madhandz says:

    Nice mix. Makes me want to go digging and get dusty fingers.

  5. SoulOne says:

    Ahhhh….2001. =)

  6. Minus says:

    If I could find my 2 cassettes of this one…

  7. bushie says:

    I’m blown away. mind blown into the sky!!

  8. Ciph Dizzle says:

    He’s ok….I have those records too…

  9. PuertoNico says:

    Cool. Is it also possible here to get a Tracklist ?

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