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  1. TACH says:

    Love the track… love the concept….

  2. Offbeat says:

    Ah this is insane!
    I’m definitely gonna spread this to my friends over here in Sweden!

  3. n i e v e s says:

    you r our inspiration

  4. MOP says:

    “When I get an idea, I become obsessed and have to finish it in a few days.”

    Yeah, I do that too, even if it’s a bad idea in retrospect I try to get it out there. It must have come into your mind for a reason.

    Good job. I love your blog. I’ll definitely link to it.

  5. lobato says:

    I love the music, and album too is very nice, i think that u always walking in your kind of way… congratulaction!still creat nice beats! I always watching u

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