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The Sure Shot: We got some love for H-Town

12:20 PM CST on Friday, January 19, 2007

One of our favorite Texas hip-hop hustlers is Matt Sonzala of “Damage Control” radio fame down in Houston. Avid readers of the SS will no doubt remember Mr. Sonzala as one of the first cats to get down on the Gemini Disco Soul Party PodQast.

This past week, Sonzala posted the pics of his birthday bash on his essential HoustonSoReal blog. There is a great snap of Money Waters and Mr. Bavu Blakes, whom Sonzala identifies as the best rappers in Texas.
No doubt we agree with our homie’s assessment, but it’s cool when one of the cats in the thick of that huge Houston rap scene identifies a couple of our favorite locals as such.

So in the spirit of the great Dallas/Houston lovefest, we reciprocate and bring you Houston’s indie boom-bap champ The ARE on this week’s GDSP. This cat has been knockin’ out beats since ’91 with his work as a founding member of K-Otix, as well as remixes and production for the likes of Phife, Headkrack and Lone Catalysts.

And it sounds like dis:


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