Dawn of the Drake Theory


Next Tuesday marks the release date of the last debut rap album to ship or sell half a milli. I’d be shocked if B.o.B.’s album, legitimate pop hits and all, will ever reach that total. But it came out before next Tuesday regardless, so…

“Thank Me Later” will be the very last in world history to do so.


The date is almost here.
June 15, 2010.
The final Gold (500K), or better, rap debut in world history.
Nope, not first week, but total.


Forever mayne.

Please discuss, or not, and Thank Me Later (dap)



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  • mikeslim says:

    Nicki Minaj might have something to say about that. But we are in the last days of lucrative rap releases yes.

  • ShinobiBlack says:

    Rap releases across the board won’t hit 500k? That sounds like the plague for the hip hop. Do the smaller labels have immunity because they don’t deal with those large figures or is rap profitability just on a decline?

  • bavu says:

    This is about debut rap/hip hop albums.
    I’d say the issue here is profitability of physical music sales in general.
    So Far Gone lol

  • c.blak says:

    You know what, I think you are absolutely right.

  • Jaz says:

    I cannot believe you support and enjoy listening to this horrible pop-rap garbage, you have just lost a subscriber.

  • bavu says:

    Hey Jaz:

    I can’t believe you read so poorly. With that said, we don’t too much mind losing you!

  • EKARD says:

    Heard this sh*t and its so overrated that its not fair to hip hop as a genre!
    Shipped a mill? LOL…he might do it though…lets be real…with his fans? They jump on WHATEVER is hot…I mean WHATEVER and WHOEVER, long as its hot and their in on it…
    Yeah hes kinda clever, yeah he has some sharp lines here and there but c’mon…
    Only thing about him is he can sing his own hooks and aint got 1 ounce of street or thoroughness in his bones, the prefect female pincushion…let them drool over him….
    He’s just mimciked jay-z good enough to where he copied that 1 flow down to a tee, other than that, theres not 1 thing hip hop or “classic” about drake…
    Every single flow is exactly the same on every song, every song is about love and or girls, all of the bridges on his songs have the exact same feel and sounds track after track…
    I’ll be iight…this is not music for a man…maybe a little boy…or a queer…
    The strongest tracks are the ones you heard online already…IMO…
    If your a new age type then you’ll disagree cause its completely metro-homosexual pop music complete with tight hoodies and sh*t…just to confuse your gender that much further…

  • bavu says:

    fyi i ain’t even talking about the album. haven’t even heard it.
    but the fact is, it’s a rap debut that’s gonna sell gold or better.
    and that’s never gonna happen again.

  • himme says:

    I can’t believe his thank you section. He thanks every indie/rock band out there right now.

  • Dj ILL One says:

    Ther will be other rap debuts to sell gold or better. Drake won`t be the last. don`t ask me how,but I believe there will be another artist to do it. Just wait.

  • Bavu Blakes says:

    let me know ok? thanks!

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