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Swipe: Insincere by Emeka Obi

By December 29, 2009December 25th, 2012Misc, Real Life, RIK.TV, Shows

Swiped from Emeka’s Hypebeast blog

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. In no instance in my life have i found that to be true. Imitation without credit to the original source is annoying at least and at most a punchworthy offense.

That being said i would like to punch someone at HBO square in the nose. Not a regular punch but that “Rock you in your face/stab your brain with your nose bone” 95 era Mobb Deep without the Summer Jam Screen kinda punches.

Their latest campaign promoting their new show “How to Make it in America”, which we’ve at 10.Deep have been championing as it stars Kid Cudi a part of our family, totally lifted part of our Fall 2009 promotional campaign for their commercial.

Never know to be a conspiracy theorist by any degree, I would be the first to say it was chance. When originally watching the commercial i had it on mute and noticed the frame similarities, the shots from the Brooklyn Bridge and all. Then it was brought to my attention that they used the same song that we had chosen for our video which kinda cemented any wavering thoughts on the guilt of the opposing party.

10.Deep Fall Promo vid

How To Make It In America Trailer

Creativity is often pilfered from the few and redistributed amongst the masses. Who’s it hurting? Ideas are free!

The fight for that piece of integrity leaves us with a bruised ego for not being recognized for our ideas and them with a black eye for taking a Cleveland Steamer on people who have been supporting their programming.

Trust, the black eye heals faster

All I can ask for is credit. In the form of a check with commas instead of decimal points.

Yeah womp, they didn’t use any of the comps I designed for their principal artwork either lol! #h8nhoard

I’m not so sure that it’s a direct rip, but the similarities are pretty close and the use of the same song is just kinda like :/

But at least they didn’t use like, Jay-Z “Big Pimpin'” or something obvious and therefore corny.

Aww well, maybe next time. I wouldn’t be so tight if what they ended up going with didn’t look so basic and bland :/ But yeah, that video fuckery up above is some shark nigga shit. Mek, I need that orange/camo vest famalam!


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