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My brother DJ Enuff asks Why Am I Not Playing Jay Electronica on HOT 97

By December 27, 2009Misc, Music, Real Life

My brother DJ Enuff asks Why Am I Not Playing Jay Electronica on HOT 97. Let’s help him get his mind right.

Why Am I Not Playing Jay Electronica on HOT 97
December 27th, 2009 | By DJ Enuff

I’m listening to Jay Electronica’s latest tune Exhibit C Produced by Just Blaze. It is so good. I think it’s lyrical and the production is solid. Reminds me of some early Nas stuff,Then I ask my self : Why is it not spinning on the radio? At least during my time slot? Is it because there’s no dance tied to it? Is it because it’s not yet on BET’s Top Ten Countdown? Does it have to be a Club Banger? The radio isn’t a club. So why not Good solid Hip Hop? I have it on my website. I battle myself all the time when it comes to the radio. The job I love so much. I could make it the Heavy Hitter Pick of the week with no problem. Then what? I need HELP with this one. Any Suggestions Re: Real Hip Hop is Fading

Buy Exhibits A and Buy Exhibit C to place your vote.

Furthermore: I think people are getting it a little twisted. Enuff isn’t saying he is not going to play the song. More rhetorical; he’s confused as to why he hasn’t been already. What he’s saying is, after he plays the song and makes it the Heavy Hitter song of the week. Then what? That’s where the listeners, the fans, the lovers of good from the ground up hip hop, the jaded music industry cats, the know it all hipsters and down players, and you make the difference; by buying music they/you like, and casting their/your vote with their/your dollar. This is a good ol’ George Bush first term rigged American Democracy, but you can’t not vote just because the odds are stacked against you.

All of you goin’ hard at DJ Enuff, need to read a little more closely, and realise he just tried to open up dialogue a bit and get the people mobilized. Nation! You wrong for how you titled that Enuff post in Nah Right Lite!


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  • at least the wheels are in motion for something, what that is i dont know.

  • Damien says:

    Same arguments it’s always been:

    *Labels have product that they want to move or a brand that they want to reinforce. If you are not a product of said label, then they won’t feel an obligation to promote your music, even if it’s good.

    *The radio station’s primary goal is to derive revenue from advertising. Nothing more. They have no incentive to play Jay Elec because they don’t benefit financially from doing so. Sadly for DJs, many of them honestly love music, but can’t express their wants and desires at their job. It’s like working for a Hyundai dealership when you know a Toyota is better. Your job won’t let you refer people to buy Toyotas, so you’re stuck selling what you’re obligated to sell.

    *People have to be brave enough and willing to create alternate channels for breaking “good” artists if that’s what their desire truly is. Yes, it’s easier said than done.

    *Radio is becoming less and less meaningful when it comes to promoting artists. If someone wants to make an impact on the career of some like a Jay Electronica, then you need to 1) Find a way to corral the legion of supporters that he has a create a central hub to promote and market him (most of his fans probably don’t look to the radio for the new / hot shit anyway) , and 2) IMPRISON THAT MOTHERFUCKER IN A STUDIO UNTIL HE FINISHES A DAMN ALBUM.

  • Tommykush says:

    Well put frank…..I think So many people part of the problem has kept their mouth shut for so long and now Enuff gets bashed for bringing the truth to lite and open for discussion………At the end of the day— EXHIBIT C WILL GET PLAYED!!!!! check out our POV:

  • I Understand What He Is Saying But The Bottom Line Is, DJ Enuff Should Have Been Playing The Record.
    The Core Audience Has Already Purchased The Record, It’s Up To The Gatekeeper’s, People In Position’s Like Him To Now Take It To The Masses,The Deaf,Dumb And Blind To Inform Them Of What We HAve Already Discovered, At This Point He’s Not Even A Vanguard Or Taste maker Because The Core Audience Has Already Crowned Jay Electronica, Whether DJ Enuff And The Hots/Powers Of The World Play Him Or Not.

    They Should All….GO GET A LATE PASS!!

  • I have an idea: How bout he catch a charge? Unlicensed weapon, Assualt on a Female, Possession of something or other, even Indecent Exposure. Something bizarre. Flip that into a reality show and even Oprah won’t be able to stop talking bout him. Yeech…

  • VIDEOKINGnotwithstanding says:

    ^^well said. drama seems to be the thing to do these days

  • nahlij1 says:

    For real, there are a lot of DJ’s out there who claim to be different and they do the same and play the same music as everyone else. DJ’s have gotten sucked into this matrix where they are extremely comercialized now, and have that goal of getting a deal and making “mainstream” mixtapes. There are no more Doo-Wop’s and Ron G’s out there who spin on the radio and sell tapes out of their trunks. In short, no, DJ Enuff won’t play it because he is a pawn of the system, and it’s not what THEY want.

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