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My new (to me) music obsession; Pomplamoose—a boyfriend-girlfriend duo out of the Bay Area. Cute covers (I’m a sucker for Mr. Sandman. I blame Back To The Future), pretty good originals. Pomplamoose is grapefruit in French. I actually paid for their music. Who does that?

Che Grand said they are a bizarro version of The Luv Bugz, and I agree!

Pomplamoose “Mister Sandman”

Pomplamoose “Little Things”

Pomplamoose “Favorite Things”

Pomplamoose “Pas Encore”

Pomplamoose “Beat The Horse”

Pomplamoose “Nature Boy”

Pomplamoose “Le Commun Des Mortels”

Pomplamoose “Single Ladies”

Pomplamoose “Mister Sandman”

Pomplamoose “September”

Pomplamoose “Beat The Horse”



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