Pill – 4075: The Refill

By November 17, 2009November 18th, 2009Mixtapes, Music, Premiere


  • slopfunkdust says:

    every time i see you post something about this dude…
    i cringe.
    im almost positive that no one who comes here wants to hear this shit.


  • Wayne Bretski says:


    Not true.

    “Coastin'” is dope, and most of the mixtape is as well.

    Live and let live brother. For those who like what they hear, peep Passion of the Weiss for a write-up on Pill and Freddie Gibbs, with links to their mixes.

  • outKasted says:

    mixtape is dope.

  • slopfunkdust says:

    you’re probably heinz’ friend.
    the “@slopfunkdust” means you saw our convo on twitter.
    so yeah…
    its true.
    go sit down.

  • O Lawd says:

    @slopfunkdust: My thoughts, precisely! Whenever I see something here posted by Heinz I won’t read it anymore, let alone listen to it. Simply too much crap over the past months! No disrespect, but I really ask myself why Frank gives someone like Heinz the opportunity to damage the reputation of his outstanding blog with such bullshit!

    I don’t get it!

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