H.I.S.D. WEEK: Get To Know Ldavoice

By November 11, 2009Interviews, Music, News, RIK.TV

Day 3 of H.I.S.D. Week brings us closer to The Standard this Friday, with a look at L Da Voice. Visuals by Flash Gordon Parks.

More below:

From Damien –

Of all the members of H.I.S.D., Ldavoice probably has the name that fits him best. He might tell you that it’s because he used to sing or that his voice is an instrument of change that should be broadcast for all to hear. These are valid arguments, but I think the name fits him best because his voice is the one thing that makes the most lasting impression on you. He uses his voice A LOT.

And not in a bad way, mind you. (He probably has a smirk while he’s reading this.) You’ll learn that he’s very passionate about almost everything, and will easily engage you in a discussion about nearly anything. In an age of apathy and diluted opinions, he’s a rare breed of person who is not reluctant to have an opinion and offer it when many tend to shy away from opinions.

If you ever get the chance to sit in on one of HISD’s infamous “debate” sessions, you’ll notice that he’s the one in the middle of the room, animatedly attacking the discussion from all sides. The kid has a lot to say, and you WILL hear it. While reviewing the footage from this interview, I quickly discovered that he had twice as much footage as everyone else. There is no question that he won’t answer. Again – he has a lot to say, and you WILL hear it.

Fun facts about L:

1. He’s a Gemini (greatest zodiac sign of them all)

2. He ran a 4.2 4.5 40 as a sophomore in high school. (I might have to race him someday and test this)




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