Bryan Brock x T-Rexxx x T.O. = 1LoveTO

By October 30, 2009Premiere, Real Life


This one post cannot possibly fully represent what these two guys do for my, and to the readers from Toronto, our city…but i’m going to try.

These two set out to help put the spotlight on a city that is constantly over looked. We usually only get talked about if big films are shot up here because its cheap, our beautiful women or whatever the newest stereotype about us is going around. But Brock and T-Rexxx set out to change that and truly represented the city of Toronto in a beautiful way with their site, brand and campaign 1LoveTO. Bryan Brock a creative director, graphic designer, visionary and also a promoter is one of the first designers I encountered in the city who reached out to me when I first started working in the industry out here. He’s a genuine dude who I can count on to kick ideas to or ask for advice, or just talk life with whenever we get the chance to catch up with each other. He’s ne of my fav designers out here in Toronto whose work I always follow aswell as projects that I will always support. Tyrone “T-Rexx” Edwards I actually don’t know personally like a lot of people within the city, so I’m not gonna sit and pretend that I do. However I will say I’ve heard many good things about him and I’ve always followed on the low what he has been doing (from the Shuffle parties, to The Remix Project, to 1LoveTO, ball camps for kids etc), we just never crossed paths because the services I could provide for his business ventures were always supplied by the likes of Brock so it just made no sense. Brock and T-Rexxx who are most known for cities most popular parties (shout out to Spexx & The Upper Echelon as well) out in the Dot decided to put aside the city’s bullshit crab in the bucket mentality and put on for the city earlier this year when they launched their site. Well that shit worked, and the city responded with a lot of love as you can just walk around the city and catch at least 10 people a day wearing the now infamous 1LoveTO tees that they sell. Don’t get it twisted, the site is not just shining light on the urban culture in the city, it’s everything and everyone doing big things. From painters, designers, producers, clothing lines, emcees etc, whatever it is, if it’s something positive for the city, they will know and they will post about it. So for the two men who decided to do a selfless act and put on for the city, i’m gonna try and put on for them. They most definitely deserve it, even if I shortchanged these two good brothers.





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