The Luv Bugz & The Foundation Throwbacks

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Back in the day, before The Luv Bugz were The Luv Bugz, they would sometimes sing with Houston’s Best Kept Secret of a Band (and also reason for starting Rappers I Know), The Foundation.

“Lay Back” is a joint off one of the earliest versions of The Foundation’s self titled first album (left off the final version of the album) that features PZ by himself over a great double time beat. Drumming by Chris Daddy Dave, Bass by Jon Jon (“Deja Vu” by Beyonce), Keys by Luke Austin or Pookie. The good ol’ days man.

Also, as a bonus, a joint PZ & Erica did called “Without Us” produced by Chris Daddy Dave & The Foundation Band.

These tracks are 2004-2005 era. Houston been a problem.

The Foundation Band “Lay Back” featuring PZasterous the Great of The Luv Bugz

The Luv Bugz “Without Us” produced by Chris Daddy Dave & The Foundation Band

Dear Foundation, I miss you guys. Chris! Kay! Get the crew together again some way some how!



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  • Demetri says:

    Thing is is that everyone is in different places. Jon Jon’s here in Atlanta with a wife and kid…… You know Chris is the busiest drummer you know……… But you never know what the future holds though.

  • FWMJ says:

    wow jon jon married with child? talk about feelin out of touch! that’s what’s up tho! is Luke in ATL too or did he move back to Houston?

  • Demetri says:

    Man I really don’t know about Luke. He’s either in Houston or the Chi………don’t quote me on that though.

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