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The Niyat – Raxus Prime Mixtape

By August 19, 2009May 1st, 2020Mixtapes, Music, Premiere

The Niyat are D-ology aka Dr Mindbender, Khalif aka Synatto Watts, Snap aka Red Clay and sometimes Tabu.

The Niyat “Vendetta Intro” produced by Madlib

The Niyat “We Are” produced by Wapp D

The Niyat “Iraqnoid Ninjahz” featuring Tabu, produced by I.V. League

The Niyat “Only One” featuring Damien & Big Mon as The Legendary K.O./K-otix, D. Rose, & Kay of The Foundation, produced by King Coz



1. Vendetta Intro (over by Madlib)
2. Fear Con (produced by Mirawge)
3. Us (produced by Mirawge)
4. Do”s & Don”ts (produced by Mirawge)
5. Aintcha featuring K-Rino (over by Sid Roams)
6. We Are produced (by Wapp D)
7. Autocracy produced (by The ARE)
8. Box Kutta 2 featuring Tabu (produced by The ARE)
9. Fly Away (over Kev Brown)
10. My Range featuring Mirawge (over Flying Lotus)
11. Time featuring Masked Marauder (produced by Mirawge)
12. Pimpin” featuring Tabu (produced by Damien)
13. Iraqnoid Ninjahz featuring Tabu (produced by I.V. League)
14. Say What
15. Beware (over Black Milk)
16. Prototype (produced by Mirawge)
17. Primitive Damage featuring Flow Factory (produced by Damien)
18. Sunburnt featuring Perseph 1 (produced by Mirawge)
19. Only One featuring Damien & Big Mon as The Legendary K.O./K-otix, D. Rose & Kay of The Foundation (produced by King Coz)
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  • dirkflowinski says:

    There can only be ONE!!!!!!!!!! Sick

  • Pikahsso says:

    DAMN That Vendetta intro is so damn dope The Niyat are some southern lyrical assassins good stuff!!!

  • Supreme says:

    I mean with this with absolutely NO disrespect intended, but yo for yall to be from Texas yall got something real serious to say. Please keep doing what yall doing because we NEED this. I stress NEED this. This is that raw, unfuckwitable, scrunch ya face up when you hear it, head nod, fuck around & crash ya car by accident, rewind that you heard what the fuck he just said Hiphop. It’s good to see that yall understand the science of if you’re gonna pic up a microphone & spit then actually say something with some substance & that’s very rare these days. I’ve been doing the knowledge to what yall are saying since the 1st time I heard ” Ain’t cha “. Thank you for ELEVATING the art of rhyme one bar at a time.
    For what it’s worth, I put a lot of my peoples up on yall shit. Every chance I get I introduce one of my peoples to your music. Yall got mad love over here in Newark New Jersey. Keep bangin’
    Once again, thank you for elevating the art

  • xastey says:

    TX-SA bread.. big props for showing everyone that TX aint just about swang and lean

  • Witnes says:

    downloading right now

  • synato1 says:

    Yo Supreme, we really appreciate your comment, we NEED more listeners like u
    keep spreadin the word. This shit is for all who acquire that taste for good music
    this is for ya’ll, and were more than thankful, FWMJ thanks again u my niggie
    and to all my rappersiknow campers, stay tuned this is only the beginning
    there’s alot more to come…..marshallah

  • Big Cen says:

    Error in link! Couldn’t download! Eye knew negative forces would intervine to keep the real from spreading worldwide. I’ll keep trying

  • Wraithe Fantum says:

    Hey Cen try this link mane…

    If it doesnt work then holla back . . .

  • fwmj says:

    link works fine

  • Big Cen says:

    The Mega up was thorough. Thanx Wraithe. No doubt one of the best mixtapes of all time. Did miss a little DJ action, but a definite MASTERPiece!

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