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By August 10, 2009Premiere, RIK.TV


  • fwmj says:

    you must be deaf. he said his fave rapper is nas, but he doesnt doubts he sounds like him when asked who did he get his style from.

    and you tellin you dont know what they listenin too and u cant understand a simple interview question

    you’re a weirdo

  • Procter & Gamble Huff says:

    whatever kid. I think he still wack.

    He need stick to playing them video games. Stop playing with this rap shit.

  • Procter & Gamble Huff says:

    I didn’t mean to scrutinize Danny Brown like that. I’m not into putting down other brothas who are trying to do something with themselves in this cruel harsh world. It’s hard enough for brothas out here in this white man’s world.

    There’s a lot of other rappers that’s out now and those who came out the past three of four years who need to put the mic down and find something else to do.

    I just didn’t like the broad statements that people were making like “he’s the illest detroit shit out”. How can you say that when there’s a lot of other ill mc’s from Detroit who I mentioned before.

    I might not like his style or what he’s coming with, but people got the right to like what they like even though I’m not feeling it.

  • FWMJ says:

    it took u three days to come to that conclusion? lol

    it’s all good man, it’s all a matter of opinion. i think he shined the brightest on the Fire Remix off Elzhi’s album though

  • 5nug says:

    @Procter&GamblerHuff ,

    A lot of the D rappers you mentioned were scrutinized early in their careers too; Danny Brown hasn’t had the chance to prove he’s the best, but he can definitely hang with them so far.

    You can’t say he’s not talented, there is serious lyrical content in his shit, you should check out something like work song, shits hot! If D.B. is mediocre, then where is all the dope hip-hop world-wide?

  • Kreole says:

    Danny Brown brings back that ol school early 90s flavor. He’s so raw and gritty and his hood narratics are on point.

    I like the picture he paints in his songs. I’m not all for that I’m raw and that makes me the best. Phat Kat is cool, but you need to be mad at the world to like it. I’m not mad at the world. Danny Brown is a breath of fresh air.

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