Don’t Let Kanye West Fool You

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Don’t Let Kanye West Fool You: A Psychoanalysis
by Bavu Blakes

Kanye West says his favorite song from his ever-growing catalog is “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”. He wants you to think that he doesn’t care what you think about him. But don’t let him fool you.

At the Sunday, September 13, 2009, MTV Video Music Awards, Mr. West spontaneously hopped on stage and took the mic from multi-platinum country superstar, Best Female Video winner and little white girl Taylor Swift to basically say that Beyonce’ should’ve won. Assuming this spectacle was not a planned publicity stunt, like Bruno flying his naked butt into Eminem’s face, the general public is correct (again) in wondering, “What’s his problem?”

Lesbi-honest: many people are saying much worse than “What’s his problem?” Kelly Clarkson and Pink cussed West out on Twitter, Donald Trump has called for a boycott and Joe Jackson says he should be blackballed. But I don’t want to judge this big-headed teddy bear, so please allow me to psychoanalyze him instead.

I understand the mindset of a black man with an African name born in mid-70’s America to educated parents. Have you ever seen the Cosby Show? On “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”, Kanye says he’s not a Cosby, but don’t let him fool you. He’s one of them, applying his will, intelligence, cultural pride and knowledge to show you that a black man can be a genius and king despite what society or TV says.

Kanye’s self-worth and ability to assert himself were reinforced throughout his life. No matter how much pop appeal he adds to his image over the years, he is still another brilliant and uppity Negro born in the Kwanzaa era. With that comes a justified insecurity about mainstream acceptance. Mr. West is trying to be the world’s biggest celebrity to prove a point, more or less “FTW! I’m black and I made it to the top”.

But like 2Pac his journey to the top has made him so worldly – so much like the others – that it has almost become a moot point. It’s simply too easy to shoot the messenger. Remember how hard it was to take Michael Jackson seriously when he raised a black fist, or called Tommy Mottola the devil?

Now picture Kanye rapping “I know the government administered AIDS” in the first verse of his 2006 single “Heard ‘em Say” featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Ironically, that was halfway through his four-album transition from soul-sampling conscious prep to autotuned blogger and fashionista in a Pee Wee Herman suit who briefly wore a Billy Ocean haircut.

By trading in the black-centered aspects of his public image from his first two albums (“The College Dropout”, “Late Registration”), Mr. West made a calculated move to become a global mainstream icon in his latest two (“Graduation”, “808s & Heartbreak”) by infusing elements of modern alternative/emo, dance/electronic and rock culture. But he still wants you to know how “hood” he is; don’t let him fool you.

In early September 2005, Kanye said “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on live TV, and his brand grew. With every subsequent awards show outburst and a hilarious Saturday Night Live self-parody, his brand grew. In early September 2009, Mr. West the showman hit the VMA red carpet with a bottle of Hennessy and an exotic white lesbian. I don’t know how well he handles his liquor, or his Amber, but most people would’ve made their comments from their seat. Not Kanye West. He saw an opportunity, again.

For at least half of his life this cunningly resourceful artist has worked tirelessly to become an A-list producer, director and performer/actor known for seizing the big moment. West has studied the 80’s MTV era that he reminds you of more every day. He knows how fashion, music, fine art and controversy drive popular culture. Like it or not, he used free MTV airtime to become this week’s top American media topic, and then sat down as a “surprise guest” on the debut of Jay Leno’s primetime show the next day.

In summary, Kanye cares more if you think about him, than what you think about him. So even if you can't tell him nothing, he's paying close attention. He apparently has no life outside of entertainment. You, the audience, may be his best friend. His mother and ex-girlfriend are gone, but you listen and you care. He talks to the screen, through the spotlight, to mainstream middle America when there is no one else to talk to. So, as sure as he blogs to you in all caps, Mr. West also must care what you think, or he would sit down somewhere.

Perhaps he's emulating his “big brother” Jay-Z, who also cares what you think, according to how much of his new, Kanye-produced album “The Blueprint 3” he spends addressing his critics, including a duet with Mr. West called “Haters”.

Kanye has carefully aligned himself with Jay, Beyonce’, Rihanna and even the new American diety Lady Gaga, who is signed to Akon. Notice how low-profile Akon is? It’s because he doesn’t care what you think! Can you imagine how Mr. West would behave if Lady Gaga and T-Pain were his artists?

Based on his track record, he would probably act a fool. But don’t let Kanye West fool you!

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  • bravo! :D yes Kanye just wants attention! Anyway I was thinking about all of this “drama” and why does that particular (Jay, Beyonce, Kanye, Rhianna, ect) act like the wolrd/life is like a High School? Its weird but it is sad and disturbing that these individuals are in their 30s (except Rhianna and I don’t believe Beyonce is 28). These people stars are fading and can’t bow out gracefully. I mean ok WHY at the world’s expense they have to act like “brats” and not get reprimanded for it. Let of us call someone a “Jackass” or snatch something away from an employee and see what happens. Man fuck these people for wasting my time and guess what? I DONT LISTEN TO THEIR MUSIC. At least Jay and K (the early years/them first coming on the scene). They make music for hipsters now; where is that GANGSTA shit Jay instead of trying to be “Sinatra” or whatever the fuck (why doesn’t he want to emulate a great BLACK leader?)

    All in all their sales I guess album wise is not as strong and have to resort for THIS? because for one thing; if you have TALENT, your music (art) will speak for itself. You don’t have to fake and gimmick.

    I’m 25 (black female) but while all of this is going on; what are the kids thinking? that this is how ‘adults’ axct? no wonder kids are dumb as hell these days with no respect for others. Thank God I don’t have any. I also think Obama should apologize to Kanye because that nigga was outtaline for saying that off record or not. He could’ve said ‘No comment”. Not in his place to say that; even though he was correct. He is the PRESIDENT, not your homeboy or a blogger.

    PS: That gotdam TWITTER is killing these damn celebs and making them look like, well, JACKASSES. I’m glad I don’t have one :D

    really good article, pz


  • jason bakely says:

    This is over done please they should let it go already…

  • Well…she did become a home town hero…now everyone is rooting for her…she has a chance to make her career legendary.

  • jcjude says:

    Yup, I and my friends thought the same thing, we figured it was all a set up by Kanye West in order to make someone’s career grow or prevent from going down…that’s Hollywood for you!!! Nothing is ever real expect maybe for some “real life” shows/reality shows, but even those, I’m sure, are edited to a certain extent.

  • Traestar says:

    Whaddup Bavu!!

    You’re definitely right, he’s a T.O. attention whore!!

    You know what, watching him from “Through the Wire” to now, I did start to realize that it’s the way he is!
    And that it’s all for attention, but like Tariq Elite (Mack Lesson Radio Show) said recently, Kanye needs a drink a bottle of “Sit Yo Ass Down”! He’s said some crazy shit over the stint of his career, and I’m not gotta single him out either there’s some other celebs that come out spitting some wild shit…Megan Fox…anyway he’s not the only one that does that. But to do that to someone like Taylor Swift who was absolutely innocent…well not that absolutely innocent, but was uncalled for. Kanye wouldn’t do that to 50, Jeezy, or any other rapper out that you young kids listen to this days, lol. Same thing happened to Joe Budden when he was basically saying that Method Man fell off..and we all saw what happened after that. Same with Charles Hamilton running his mouth and pulling off scams (whatever that situation was) and getting popped in the mouth by his own girl, lol!

    These guys all need a cup of “Sit Yo Ass Down”!!

  • Traestar says:

    And to houstongirl, Jay-Z and Kanye are freemasons, they on that Illumanati bullshit!!!

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