The Drake Theory

By July 6, 2009 July 20th, 2017 Music

Drake will be the last rapper to sell more than 500,000 copies of a debut album. Ever.

The Drake Theory

Please discuss.

*Drake's uncle, pictured above, is from Beaumont.

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  • Yonnas says:

    I just saw this post because it is Jay ElecHannukah, and on the upper right hand side of may screen, I see it’s drake day, too.
    There is an interesting parallel to those two, no? They’re both like messianic figures in two total different worlds, two total different minds.
    Exhibit C is some of the most honest,
    the most beautiful and the most heroic
    hip-hop music
    I may have ever heard,
    and just like all good things,
    I recognize that in one sitting. But so is So Far Gone.
    The whole thing.
    I don’t get where all these people get information that Drake is tryna be somethin he’s not.
    I mean the Degrassi thing is in his fuckin bio.
    I have never in my life heard a lyric from Drake where he says he’s hard and will fuck you up,
    or even that he’s street. The first time I seen him
    or anything about him
    in that vibe article with Algernod on the cover,
    he says in plain fuckin english, “My lyrics are not street.”
    Or something like that.
    You niggas mad
    cause a few too many street niggas got love for him,
    and your girlfriend does,
    and some of your good friends
    that ain’t like shit that was new in years
    won’t shut the fuck up about him and it scares you,
    you’re threatened.
    Then the guy who writes this blog goes and says crazy shit like this,
    and now you outta pocket, typin your first comment ever in a blog.
    I feel you.
    What you need to realize though,
    is that when someone does something as amazing as Drake is doing,
    or someone drops something as amazing as exhibit C, you shouldn’t be threatened
    you should be invigorated,
    because if they can do that,
    what can you do?


  • The Editor says:

    I don’t get, why be mad at Drake, he does not need to better hs craft, he dope, he did a joint with Em, Ye and Weez and was not the worse on there, held his own against what some people call the best rapper alive (silly) and stole the show from damn near every song he on.

    Check the track record, kid is dope, and his old mixtapes, were just that, old, So Far Gone, would of been the best album of the year if someone would of had the lawyers to get everything cleared.

    He sold a free mixtape months after it came out, his loan for a Mill or two is damn near payed back, from his mixtape, remember they did not have to tell people about it, they already knew, and he sales 200k, at $5 a piece that is a million dollars there (I know sold for $7, label/store split) Half go to Universal/Motown leaving 500k for Young Money/Drake 250k and he has not put out a record, and the tour money is good, those features, are bringing in a lot of cash, do not be suprised if he on the cash king list 6 mill is not looking far, and if you do not like Drake music, you are officially out of touch, or just do not like his music, you decide

  • bavu says:

    i just caught on to the fact that maybe someone is mad about the drake theory

    that’s entertaining!

  • J. Chrioni aka Knight Ryder says:

    Jay Electronica will go gold on his debut.

    I’ll go gold on my debut.

    Drake is good, but he could stand to better his craft (diversify his flow, expand his topical depth).

  • DKUTZ says:

    I can see him sellin 500,000 due to this commercialism bug contaminating the public.. I feel that this gimic music has its place and the real will come to the light one day soon. I dont knock the artist of 2day because they have to be held accountable for there actions and what they say!(The Hate u made will in turn test its creator) Drake is a kid tryin to do what he sees his big brother doing and jus so happen his brother is lil wayne. We will see this time next year whether he will b around or if there will be a real shift in the game for the betterment of hip hop. Shots out to the new era of music being ushered in!!!!!! Keep um commin Bavezeee!!!! Dkutta signin out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Abe says:

    Alright. There are so many people on here talking smack about Drake that obviously don’t know how the music industry operates and have no idea where it’s going.

    Drake is the breakout story of the year. I had been listening to him before So Far Gone and was amazed by the creativity put in to that mixtape. A mesh of melodies, clever lyrics, great production FOR FREE was ground-shaking. As soon as it was posted in January or February people went bananas over it, myself included. I was tellin all of my people from across the country to check it out. I burned copies, sent download links and all of that and I didn’t have ONE person say anything bad about it. In fact, they started doing the same thing and giving it to THEIR people.

    Drake was with BPE Management under Hollaback Slack as his manager and Krishane in an assistant’s role. They were the entity that booked the So Far Gone Tour beginning in March when there was a frenzy of promoters trying to book him, myself included. I had been in contact with Slack since March and had a date for the first Drake show in Houston, however, Jas got the show one day before I did. Now I woulda been pissed if it were anyone else but it’s Jas Prince. He’s the one that gave Weezy the Drake CD that piqued his interest so who would Drake give the show to. No love lost. Anyone in Houston knows that show was a quick sellout and a nice performance.

    Next, Hip Hop Since 1978 signed Drake. They are Weezy’s, Kanye’s, and Jeezy’s managers. These guys, Cortez included, are some extremely smart and savvy businessmen that mold careers. Once they got hold of him, things kicked into high gear. Endorsements, collabs, studio time, press, interviews, etc.

    As far as the industry goes, the model is damn near broken. Companies would spend millions of dollars promoting an artist, making videos, giving advances, etc in the anticipation of large numbers of CD SALES. They would recoup all the money they spent and then and only then break off profits in whatever point arrangement was made. NOW, CD sales are in the toilet because there is a segment of the market, especially in urban music, that downloads for free. I think we all know this. What most record companies are doing now to make up for lackluster CD sales is put artists in what are called “360 deals”. Where the company now has a hand in every money-making venture that the artist is in. From merch, to online sales, to movies, to publishing, to shows, etc, the record company is rearing their heads in there. What is so significant about the Drake situation is that he managed to retain sole ownership of almost everything and cut the major in on physical CD sales only. Basically, dude is gonna be stupid paid and THIS kind of a deal is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to make today and his team got it done.

    As far as making money as an artist NOW there are several aspects that you need to look at. 1.) The fact that there is a segment that does get the music for free, 2.) The fact that there are CONSUMERS that DO go and buy CDs, merch, etc. 3.) The fact that popularity and demand MUST be built in order to raise the fee for performances in more places. Drake’s camp (and especially Wayne’s camp) are probably the best people in the industry in regard to understanding where the industry is going and how to capitalize off of it.

    1.) Make good music
    2.) Give it to the downloaders
    3.) Build popularity and promote as much as possible
    4.) Raise performance price according to demand
    5.) Expand coverage area and enter music in for ringtones and online purchase.
    6.) Build that as much as you can in a short time with more good music and increase popularity
    7.) If labels approach only take deals that involve only sales for CDs and iTunes, etc since you now have leverage. Otherwise keep it independent.
    8.) If you get a deal, make the album and don’t leak it. Keep making mixtapes and appearances to maintain popularity. The label will take care of the consumers that follow what the downloaders do. Videos, radio, big promo, etc will entice them in the US and overseas.

    Voila…the marketing campaign for Wayne and Drake.

    Drake is not a stupid person and neither is the camp he is in. The circle he is in has managed to have THE top selling artist of ANY genre in the past 2 years and a couple of very successful artists who have consumer’s eye and the street’s blessing. Jay-Z hasn’t even done all of THAT (no hating). If that’s not a measure of success and intellect, you’re lookin at the wrong thing. at the end of the day this is about business and the business acumen that these people have is uncanny. So before you start making comments that he is too young, trying to fit in, is a flash in the pan, etc, take a look at the TEAM that is around him and what they have done too.

    Like it or not, Drake is gonna be around for a lil while….he has a pretty damn tight flow, can carry a tune, has a look that a lotta girls like, he’s very well spoken and trained in media relations from Degrassi, has given some of the best interviews I have ever seen a rapper give, has a worldly outlook, is humble, isn’t a thug, and has one of the absolute BEST teams in the music industry.

  • J.Rob says:

    This is not another essay contest entry, just a set friendly reminders in case you were going to post :

    1.) Read the thread and answer the question/contribute to the topic.

    2.) You are not the next great essayist so, don’t bother in attempting to “shut everyone up” with your “witty” slander. That’s just a presumption that you can’t back up because your name doesn’t exist on any definitive article/journal/magazine on music. If you read the thread, there are already too many people like you.

    3.)If you still insist on having to show everyone on some online community that you view is definitive, please consider flexing your intellectual superiority on the rest of the criteria that make your diction authoritative. For example grammar, spelling, semantics, syntax.

    4.) If not… just refer back to point one.

    Thank you for reading this much, it was not my intention. To answer the question:

    No, I do not think Drake will be the last hip-hop artist to sell 500,000 copies of an album. Art history will tell you that since all artists are products of their environments (whether rich or poor), they will always find a way to cater to their customer base. Music will continue to be made in some fashion, unless we humans lose our hearing sense. That said, the structure of albums might change, but somehow artists will find a way to get their product out in en mass to the masses.

  • bavu says:

    …debut album. EVER!

  • Heinz says:

    I was just at the Hova concert. Drake tore it dowwwwn. The love from the city was amazing. Can’t even describe the feeling the building had when dude was on. Proud proud proud moment. yerp

  • J.Rob says:

    @ Bavu: yes, to especially include the debut. You know that was it new is hot (or is it backwards?).

  • bavu says:

    what about the decline of album sales? they don’t like they used to. if someone gets drake-hot in a year or two, how are they gonna sell > kid cudi’s debut < gold?

  • dj jamad says:

    I think Abe pretty much summed up this whole discussion. Drake is going to be around. I can appreciate the depth of songs like “fear” & “be real”. It’s been a long time since I can remember an mc with so much sincerity. I’m tired of the braggin & extra metaphysical jaibberish nonsense. I’ll be the first to admit first on, I was annoyed by the Kanye-Weezy similarities but overall Drake’s team got shit on point. Artist need to take some notes!

    DJ Jamad
    The Afromentals Mixshow
    Sirius XM – Hip Hop Nation

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