The Drake Theory

By July 6, 2009July 20th, 2017Music

Drake will be the last rapper to sell more than 500,000 copies of a debut album. Ever.

The Drake Theory

Please discuss.

*Drake's uncle, pictured above, is from Beaumont.

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  • Young Yung says:

    Naw, I disagree with Bavu for 2 reasons.

    1. I think Drake will do over a million because of how overrated he is. Don’t get me wrong, he’s nice and everything, but people act like everything he does is the most innovative thing ever. Not to mention the “Lil Wayne Argument,” you know, where people say “He has to be good If Wayne signed him” as if Wayne runs anything doing with real hip hop.

    2. If rappers continue to appeal to multiple genres and audiences you can go at least gold in these days.

  • keon says:

    drake a gud rapper and everything but i fucks wit gangsta music

  • bavu says:

    the day is coming… june 15… last gold rap debut ever in world history

  • Chris Edwards says:

    First, I must say I didn’t read anyone’s post yet, cause I wanted to give an answer without having to even remotely seeming to try to agree with what any other person who posted.
    I think there is a possibility of this being (one) of these last hip hop albums that do this 500000 sold in the first week. That begs to ask another question; Is the American Consumer no turning to a different ‘genre’ as the new pop music? Is it just a hunch Bavu, or do you see some type of trend happenning here that brings this along. It is widely assumed that (but not statistically proven) that white women are the biggest consumers of what I would label as Pop Rap Music (i.e. Drake, Wayne, Kanye, Eminem, Jay-Z etc.) and if their attention has turned to something different than this statement may be very well true.
    I am not going to sit here and think or talk about how hip hop has changed and all the other blah blah complaints I can make about it, but if this has happened, what does that really mean for the culture in general? I apologize for just asking more questions and not really answering yours, but I can’t make a huge assumption like that at this time.

  • Chris Edwards says:

    Debut Album! ah, forget what I just said.

  • Bavu Blakes says:

    not the first week. TOTAL.

  • TK says:

    I can have “them” sell (and distribute) 500,000 copies… and take 90% (or more) of the proceeds…


    I can sell 50,000 copies on my own….


    I can sell 100,000 copies on my own – at half price.

    rap music won’t be the only place this goes down.

  • bavu says:

    touring and merchandise

    aka same as it ever was minus the middleman

  • DeRon Ford says:

    Drake is a very talented guy but I manage a group in NC called the Renagadaz look out for us. write me send anyone the album $2 we trying to let everyone hear real hip hop. We just done a nice joint with Pastor Troy.

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