Charles Hamilton gets popped in his lip

By May 22, 2009Real Life, RIK.TV


  • DENONE says:

    i wonder if they kissed and made up after

  • DENONE says:

    *made*…just feeing the aftershock of that punch….lol

  • Damien says:

    He should not be complimented for not punching her. That’s just understood. Anybody around my way just knows that it’s second nature to not hit a woman. These young dudes are overly sensitive and not really raised like men, so they might be inclined to swing on women.

    With that said, I agree with Scottie P: “You punched me though…I didn’t mean to do that” LMAO. What the hell does that mean?

  • JMack says:

    This post is brilliant.

  • Joy says:

    Umm..If you sleep with a herb, you can only expect for him to be a d*ck about it!

  • c.blak says:

    I think Joy just summed it up. “Fake niggaz do fake things”

  • Ldavoice says:

    This is the best thing EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr. This guy is pure comedy. Everything about him is a joke. The good book says that the meek shall be exhaulted and in his case “The arrogant” shall be humbled.

  • chrome says:

    oh oh! sonic just lost all his rings.

    fcukin’ hilarious

  • Cliff "Charles Hamilton" says:

    you being all stupid charles hamilton is the shit and the urine, who ever put his shit up needs to get shot because none of you player haters could do what he does, aint that about a bitch………

  • Mike "Paul" Roth says:

    Man Chuck Hamilton deserves to be smacked in the face, the only thing i dont like bout this is its his gyal brianna and not some one bigger, his music is lame, boring and loud, hes like the shit lupe, but at least he aint no chirs brown but saying that chris brown music is good ……

  • Connor"Bobby Ray" Coombe says:

    Man im in love with charles hamitlon, hes so great wiht hihs pin headphones and his weird gimpish obsession with sonic i hope he reads this so he can get back to me. I LOVE YOU CHARLES, maybe one day in nevernever land with his new girlfriend music on the windows media player, hes my superman. Biatch xxxxxx

  • yo mama says:

    her pussy wet as a bitch!

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