FWMJ Mini-Rant: Dear Guru “YOU BLEW IT!”

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  • greenspark says:

    oops look like my comment got printed twice with a small addition…sorry about that…fwmj:”you shut up”is hardly an articulate response… do you call up all your hater friends and say hey, post something on my blog?or do you just do it yourself under pseudonyms?… please anyone who is reading this, don’t get sucked in by this man’s hackjob “review”of one track off a record,which is used as not only a reason to dismiss the whole record,but a man’s whole career.that does not smell right.if one can’t sit down and give a proper track by track review of a legend’s album,i have to question the motives of that person or persons-peace again

  • greenspark says:

    oops looks like it got printed three times.thanks for printing my comments-peace

  • FWMJ says:

    nigga its my blog, why do I need a pseudonym for? i post with my full government name one click away? go get a blog and talk all the positivity you want, that Guru song is terrible and that’s the bottom line. Ion’t need to give you or anyone an articulate response, because a) it’s MY blog and b) it’s a matter of taste. and clearly you have none. This ain’t a review, it’s a rant. learn to read, and street team for Guru sans DJ Premier where someone cares…oh, no where.

  • FWMJ says:

    like, are u solar?

  • Superproducer Solar says:

    I’ve been trying to tell him.

  • C says:

    this is not good music.

  • Spon says:

    WTF??? I hope fast lane is his last mang… Brett Favre of rap – kids gotta know when to hang it up!!

    *If u liked that wack beat Guru was mumbling over do not click here = http://staticthemovement.com/

  • delfish says:

    I think it was Solar! (Notice his emphasis on “their career” being in full swing). Honestly, it’s not even that funny. It’s sad actually. It’s like watching your homie turn into a junkie, or lose a limb or something. Except instead of drugs or a car wreck, it’s this self righteous bag of suck that literally lowers Guru’s musical credibility with each release he has his hand in. It’s all very strange, and somewhat gay.

  • Spokensound says:

    Please don’t make anyone else download this. I am a big Gangstarr fan. This is like drinking Kool-Aid with splenda. It just don’t taste right. If it was made with different ingredients it might be okay. But I don’t like Guru with out Primo. If I was in the studio with him, I would have said, yo thats not you. The rest of the album could be fire, but this one song is wack to me.

  • SbuJah says:

    FWMJ – I agree with you. I was a big fan of Gangstar and Guru… until that ownerz album (i will never listen to gangstar album just in case it puts me off their entire catalogue)… that was the 2nd last time i paid attention to Guru then i gave him a try with his last jazzmatazz effort – that was the nail for him as a solo artists.

    old rappers should just give in (unless they can do a DOOM)

  • slopfunkdust says:

    “Guru’s not allowed to use auto tune now?ok.i’ll take note of that…”

    *DEATH NIGGA!!!*

  • greenspark says:

    #1 i’m not a “n—“and i don’t use that word .please don’t call me that.by the way i could be the pope,but you still haven’t addressed most of what i said.i don’t see your government name. where’s it at,and who are you affiliated with?ah whatever i don’t really care.you’re right.it does say “rant” at the top.not to be confused with
    anything intelligent.and delfish obviously suffers from some form of latent homosexuality,hence his
    fixation.and i didn’t say “my” or “our” career.so again what are you talking about?call me by whatever name you want,the album is still great front to back-signed-gerald ford…by the way a friend just pointed out to me this might not be helping anything.alright i’m done.if anyone responds after this just please refer back to my earlier comments,i’m sure they haven’t addressed anything i’ve said.i’ll leave you haters alone to sit in a room and cry with your old records ’till you feel better and would like to join us in 2009 :)

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