• King says:

    LMAO @ Donnie B

  • Khimmy J says:

    “That boi is good!” – excerpt from “Coming To America”

  • Elthelonious says:

    Love it, That Boi Coz is a fooooool

  • DBDR says:

    I think Midas just “Questloved” me, lol.

  • King says:

    LOL but i was talking about DONALD BRAVADO.

    But DBDR The Bulls would have crushed the rockets Jordan and Pip would have swept them boys
    LMAO Tellem P

  • DBDR says:

    It is all good–you referred to DMDR above when referring to the EP (which if an EP happens, I will be first in line…).

    Jordan had his own father killed and made Space Jam to avoid playing Dream and Vernon Maxwell–that shows you the level of fear he had for them Clutch City boys.

    Counting down a Damien response in 5…4…3…2…1

  • DBDR says:

    Ok, I may have went a little far about his father–but he definitely asked David Stern to suspend him (which is why he went and played baseball) b/c he saw what Dream would to his legacy if he ever faced up with his squad.

    And ATLiens is either Outkast’s best or second-best album (only Southernplayalistic is in the conversation).

  • King says:

    DBDR, LMAO But you wrong for that, wait tell my brother gets wind of this!!!

    D said is not going to respond

  • King says:

    You are Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ATLiens is the Best boy!!

    Its going down now!!

  • DBDR says:

    I know, I even felt bad after I typed it.

    And I’m in agreement–ATLiens is arguably their best album–the only album that comes close for me is Southernplayalistic. I often cheat and refer to them as 1a / 1b depending on the particular mood I am in.

    I will be in Houston in July, I think we need to set-up a formal Outkast debate to settle this once and for all. Damien Van Peebles can record it/moderate it.

  • The Black English Man says:

    KING COZ GOT THEM BEATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DJ Burb says:


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