Beer Drinkers Rejoice!

By October 29, 2008Misc, Real Life

I hate beer, but will drink Singha

Some of y’all that know me, know that I went to Rice University in Houston, Texas. A fine institution I didn’t really appreciate until the 2nd time I went. Good news for you beer drinkers.

“You rejoiced when you learned a glass of red wine was actually good for you. So what would you do if you found out beer could pack the same benefits?

Researchers at Rice University in Houston are developing a brew that will have the same heart-healthy and cancer-fighting effects as wine. The key ingredient is a flavonoid called resveratrol, which fights cancer, is good for your skin, and prevents Alzheimer’s. And the good news could even get better: Researchers are hopeful that their genetically engineered version will have higher concentrations than red wine.

Until this beer is available, go easy on the carbonated stuff. Beer often contains more calories than wine: Two 12-ounce beers will deliver more than 300 calories to your gut. And even though moderate amounts of alcohol are good for you, the excess calories put a strain on the heart and can increase your risk of coronary heart disease.” – Men’s Health Online



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  • Jim E. Codeine says:

    Mayne dem bawz evolvin’ up in dis bitch. See if fools can cook up some organic Prometh. The lower leftside of my liver pains me.

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