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Today marks a year.

For those of you that know me on a personal level—like outside of music or design or blogging, might be able to attest that the last year knowing and interacting with me has probably been a frustrating and near impossible thing to do. Mood swings, lost inspiration, designers’ block, sparse communication, perhaps even mild to flagrant disinterest in just about everything; including you. For the most part, I’m sorry.

If you grew up in south Texas, or live there now, you’ve probably gone or thought about going or know someone that’s gone to the Guadalupe River. I never thought much of it as a teen. I remember when I first moved to Texas from Basingstoke, England, that I was invited to a birthday party of a girl I met through some friends at my new junior high school. She lived in New Braunfels and had a party at her house, which opened up on to the river. I couldn’t, and still cannot, swim, so I didn’t have very much fun, but it was nice to be asked to tag a long. I never returned to the Guadalupe River, never had a reason to since I can’t swim, yet friends of mine went every summer. Some even worked at one of the country’s largest, if not the world’s largest, water park called Schlitterbahn. I didn’t drink back then either, but people and friends I knew would go out to the river and tube and drink beer and relax. If not the Guadalupe, the Comal River or Canyon Lake.

A year or so ago, Kay sent me some songs that Wayne and Erica had been working on. I was familiar with the both of them as they’d sang on several songs by Houston’s best kept secret The Foundation with Chris, Rob, & Kay. Wayne was also 1/4th of Houston R&B group Ideal.

Simply, I was in love with everything I heard. Perhaps a year before that, Phonte had sent me a small .ZIP file with about 7 songs by a new group called J*Davey. It took me a second to feel it honestly, as the underground then was trying to find it’s place in the post Soulquarian/post “neo soul”/post Dilla/post Slum Village with Dilla as a member world. We all loved that sound, but had to figure out how to update and keep it moving. The “electric surf music” as Brianna has described it, took a few days to sink in, but I finally got it. Prince, Dilla, & New Wave. Good mix.

But then I heard The Luv Bugz. I think any of the minor gripes I might have had with J*Davey, seemed improved upon with Wayne and Erica. The curious thing was, Wayne and Erica had never heard of J*Davey. Houston, Texas can be very insular, being between both coasts. Erica’s voice, as I’m sure you’ll agree, just glides and wisps around, and Wayne’s production and instrumentation were just a little less esoteric and to the point. Where some J*Davey tracks seemed to muddle around with no clear direction on a musical level, The Luv Bugz seemed to have a clear direction, and moved towards it. This is not to slight J*Davey in any fashion, I love Brianna’s writing and voice, Brook’s production is stellar, and they make very energetic music. No ifs, ands, or buts. I’m only sad I haven’t been able to hear the new tracks they’ve created since signing to a major and preparing their national debut. With The Luv Bugz It was kind of like, what I imagined J*Davey would grow into as they continued to record together, but then I heard the songs that didn’t sound like Prince Quincy Jonesed the situation.

This is one of them, and I fell in love. I’m sappy like that.

After my friend drowned in the Guadalupe River, I sort of adopted this song whenever I thought about her and how she passed on—the entire ordeal. The song is beautiful to me, and if you’ve ever experienced a lazy Texas afternoon in the water, this is exactly what it sounds/feels like. Yet, it’s also kind of sad. Perhaps, because the day is coming to an end, and the water gets cold and the sun goes down. The writer in me is always making connections in life, in my day to day, where they don’t necessarily fit or belong, but this works for me. I hope you like this song as much as I do, and that I didn’t put too much on it. I give you…

The Luv Bugz “Guadalupe”


Vocals by Erica.Miss America & PZasterous the Great as The Luv Bugz
All Instruments by PZasterous the Great
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  • D. Major says:

    Damn, I don’t know what to say. I’ve lived here in San Antonio for over 12 years now, and I’ve never been tubing. But this song truly captures the feel of a typical South Texas summer, lazily floating down the river with a few friends…and a few beers. After reading the blog, I did a little research and suddenly was reminded of the mystery and grief surrounding the drowning. I understand how the song can be a source of both joy and pain for you.

    “Guadalupe” is a great song, and I’d love to share it with anyone in S.A. willing to listen!

  • Kunal says:

    beautiful song my man. I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve suffered this loss. Unfortunately, I share a very similar story about a close friend. You have to just keep them with you. And it seems like this song does that for ya.

    Take it ez Frank.

  • nick tha 1da says:

    def ill… I got caught up in my own memroies when you mentioned Schlitterbahn
    being emptied out into the river from that one ride and then hearing this–surreal
    thx for sharin homie

  • James says:

    Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  • missinfo says:

    this stuff is usually way too sophisticated for my simpleton brain, but reading your post really brought this song to life for even me. thanks for sharing so eloquently, frank.

  • b i t. says:

    i remember you playing this song last year. this + the artwork = beautiful.

  • KM says:

    VERY dope imo

  • SunZeph says:

    This joint is excellent! I like how minimal the track is, but still packs great emotion. This will get added to my rotation.

  • marie says:

    i love when you write as i told you and when you share with people.
    And by telling the story to people and why this song, you make them more interested in this music. As it was for me when u told me about it.

  • denis says:

    its so poetic and kaotic i love this

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