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Dear Onra:

By August 14, 2008Music, RIK.TV

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  • akabrownsugar says:

    the answer is on his myspace : the “about coke” blog post. :)

  • Angie says:


  • Starbucks says:

    Cant wait for this !

  • Onra says:

    thanks for the love my friend.
    didn’t got PAID unfortunately… i’m still looking to licence the album in the states… who knows?
    hopefully will gain some exposure out of this whole story.

    keep in touch

  • Dutchmassive says:

    Peace to my Ninja! Onra!

    The Original and the Remake of this joint are Butter!!!!! Make sure you head over to Onra’s Myspace & read the whole Story behind this Commercial its reallllllly reallly interesting!!!! in fact… will Probally end up as a post over at (Subscribe to THEHobbyshopHERO by Email) hahaha I mean, it would be a little late, but definatly something Id wanna shed light on………

    Also – Look out for the SUPERCOLLABO of the Year! which will probally end up on RAPPERSIKNOW.COM

    “CEMENT” – Mokaonly (feat. Dutchmassive) – Produced by ONRA & HAZEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Revo1 says:

    Dang. I didn’t even know about that Coke commercial bite. That’s messed up. The least they could have done was credit Onra.

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