Rappers I Know Podcast XI: Suprimo

By May 1, 2008August 9th, 2008Music, Podcasts


  • Wraithe Fantum says:

    Gyeah….nice tribute to one of H-Town’s greatest exports and perhaps one of the illest producers ever!

    Some other worthwhile mentions:

    Nas – Represent
    Jay Z – A Million & One Questions (Both Versions)
    Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door
    Group Home – Suspended In Time
    Gangstarr – Above The Clouds
    Jeru – Ya Playin Yaself
    Big L -Ebonics
    D.I.T.C. – Thick (Remix)
    Common – 6th Sense
    Da King & I – Flip Da Script (Remix)
    Screwball – F.A.Y.B.A.N.
    Rah Digga – Lessons Of Today
    Kool G Rap – 1st Nigga

    and the list can go on and on……….. whassup with PArt 2 mane?

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