DJ Spinna “Dillagence (One 4 Jay)” featuring Phonte of Little Brother

By October 2, 2007December 16th, 2007Music


  • kinsnspace says:

    PEACE,Dillagence is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
    come vibe with KiN;,kin

  • Precise says:

    This is beautiful…I need this…how can I get a copy

  • FWMJ says:

    nigga download it!

  • Jacqueal Renard Jackson (Jay Arr aka J Rilla) says:

    The best tribute joint thus far. Phonte has REAL chops. And, I don’t expect any less from Spinna, so there’s no need to pontificate regarding Spinna’s musicianship. “Dillagence” is inspiring to say the least. Peace.

  • its ok! spinna, phonte, its for J….its not like WOW! One kind of expects sound like this when it comes to that :)


  • SMART, BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE TO J DILLA AKA JAY DEE. This blow my mind!!! I heard a few tributes but this one is a nice tribate by mixing all Jay Dee’s chorus together…

  • Orisanmi says:

    Thank you so much for this. Food for my soul.

  • charlie ross says:

    man thats beautiful. i needs this in my life

  • BJ says:

    I clicked on the download option and it did not download (it only streamed). How can I get a copy of this one?

  • poofchariot says:

    Try right clicking on it and “Save Target As…” to your desktop or where ever. That worked for me.

  • Reprogram says:

    This track has an amazing feel to it! The way the melody plays out is nice, and the blending of the past J Dilla hooks is seamless. I’ve got to get this track.

  • dude says:

    Man, I love dilla. To me, (also emcee/drummer/producer) he’s the miles davis of hiphop. AND I love Phonte. freshest emcee since long time. But really, I don’t see how this track is any good. I appreciate the gesture, but there are better ways to praise this ultimate talent in hiphop history. I think the idea is soso, the vocals are off, the production is too plastic and the mix of samples is inconsistent, but nothin special. check out DJ Turne’s dillalicious mixtape, or even the last track on Game Theory, by the Roots. Thas the shit that bring out my tear of the month. Nuthin rollin over my cheeks rightnow, I’m sorry. Much love to Phonte and Spinna, cuz i most definately recognise their shit in general. May dilla live forever.

    Lemme know if i should stop givin actual opinions on these shits, I ain’t tryin to hurt nobody, I wanna share the love for the righteous shit is all.


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