• Surreal says:


    Take advantage is extrememly fresh.

    I was seriously sleepin on both of these acts…..cuz “Who Knows” is my anthem man whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Theres somthing in the water down in Texas….I need to make a trip to the water hole.

    Grace and Peace


  • DELOACH says:

    This is the Anthem for 2 double O Five and 6…..hmmmm Seven too. Hell this joint is Timeless.

  • OneSelf says:

    YOOOO!!! Frank, keep this man…I’m loving it….dang man you a genius on the visuals man…much love

    What up Voo!!!…Super MC

    Thanks for the support everybody.

  • Slimkat78 says:

    I like this joint …..
    Illmind got beats…..
    Verbal , Ya’ll need to get some more albums to CDbaby!!!!
    so I can support Ya’ll….

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