Some of you know me, some of you do not. My name’s Frank, you can call me FWMJ, and boy, do I have some treats for you.

Over the last month or so, I got to talking with some friends of mine that make good music. Most of them seem to be having trouble finding outlets for their music.

“Hey we’ve got all this dope music, but how can we get it out there to the people if it’s a pain in the neck getting distribution?” we wondered.

Why, we can use that long fabled equilizer of man and womankind alike, the Information Super-Highway™ of course!

We discussed it and figured “Hey, these won’t be the last dope songs we ever write, so why not put it out there for the people to listen to and enjoy and just cook up more?” So that’s pretty much what’s going to happen.

For the next 31 days, and every single day at that, I will leak/bootleg/provide for download one a couple of new songs or video or so from these here rapper/producer/deejay friends of mine. You’ll get exclusives, rarities, remixes, and previews of what’s on the horizon from our neck of the woods.

Expect to see new music from Kay of The Foundation, , Chip Fu of Fu-Schnickens, Verbal Seed, Illmind, The Unseen, Big Mon and Damien of K-otix, The ARE of K-otix, Flow Factory, Oh No, D. Rose, Deloach, Strange Fruit Project, DJ Cozmos, Niyat, Symbolyc One and more, for some of the best shit you’ve never heard from Texas, Louisiana, Florida, New York, or wherever my people are making good music.

Beat Fanatic Music Group for the ’05 and all them years after that too.

So do check back every day for the newness and spread the word.



Founder of Rappers I Know and Art Director to the Stars...of the Underground. Follow him on Twitter @fwmj.


  • Chrisport says:

    more and more tons of respect :-)

  • Female Fun says:


  • papasadero says:

    linked on k10k

  • minus says:

    i feel ya frank fuck the bullshit.it’s that time my brother. oh tThe Texas Chainsaw Masquerade Mixed cd vol.1 coming in a minute. Dope E-“blow them hoes up…”

  • jay.phillz says:


    great thing you got going on here with the 31 days of straight hot, raw, REAL music. as a DJ, I definitely can appreciate the music and creativity.


    DJ Jay Phillz

  • Samantha says:

    Found a link on the Big brother website in the Uk in a long arguement about what Kanye said about Bush…and the rest is history.
    This site is fantastic and is now in an email going to all my mates who love GOOD music.

  • scooter0101001 says:

    With your permission I will burn and spread.

  • William Lee says:

    We really enjoy there funky tunes.

    Greetinx from Vienna/Austria/Europe/Earth

    Carlos Futuro and der Erzengel

  • Smudge says:

    Brilliant Initiative. I have spread the word to all my people in the UK

  • nice one, that jay electronic track is tops. i like your music.

  • BigEL says:

    I only just found out about this cos i only visited spitkikers this morn instead of three weeks ago like i normally do and i just spent the last 5mins sreamin and callin my slef the biggest fool i know. yo FMWJ u gotta run this for at least anothe month, if i dont get every song i’ll never forgive myself and then i prob hang my self by my necktie in the office bathroom… you dont want my death on your conscience now do you? :-(

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