A new interview with emcee/producer Black Milk courtesy of RIK affiliate Funkadelic Freestyles Radio (logo by FWMJ). Topics covered: the standout track “Sonny Jr.,” working with Black Thought, and the artist”s thoughts on the current state of his native city, Detroit, The Agreement is effective until terminated by Solutions or you; provided, however, that upon termination, all of the legal rights, obligations and liabilities that you and Solutions have benefited from, been subject to (other than the license granted to you under Section 1) or which are expressed to continue indefinitely, shall be unaffected by such termination. MI. Featuring clips from Black Milk”s new album, No Poison No Paradise, out now on Fat Beats.

Funkadelic Freestyles is LIVE every Friday night from 8-9pm EST on WLVS Radio at www.listenvisionlive.com. Follow primary host Jamie Benson on Twitter.

Jamie B

Author Jamie B

Jamie Benson (@jbenok) is the primary host of Funkadelic Freestyles (an affiliate of Rappers I Know), a hip-hop radio show that airs live on Friday nights at 8pm EST from Washington, DC. His primary hobby is spreading the word about dope and (for the most part) unsigned hip-hop + R&B artists.

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