Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s Kid) Doesn’t Give The Stuyvesants Production Credit. Again.

By March 28, 2013 Beat Fanatic, Music, RIK.TV

Fam. We’ve been over this already. If you gonna use the beats, for free, even when you have the resources to pay for tracks, at the very least give up production credit. Especially when that’s all the producers ask in exchange for letting you use the beats. For free.

Also, elle oh elle, at rich Malibu kids flying to SoHo to stunt in a video. Outchea reppin’ York St. FOH

#223 fo’ life. What up Allan.

P.S. I saw the new Karate Kid. Shit was ai’ight, ‘cept he was doing Kung Fu.


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  1. Yoooooo9400 says:

    Fuck out here with this credit shit over mixtape tracks lol. Done all day everyday in hip hop.