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  1. @mizkorona says:

    RappersIKnow that dude is nice

  2. shan_wickerdopespitter says:

    DOPEJUICE!!!!!! more Detroit Shit

  3. big lucifer says:

    My god- feelin ALL this! Trust No One is particularly slammin this afternoon round here! Keep on knockin, yall!

  4. Turbo says:

    Hot Shit!

  5. Mike Spiffy says:

    I been up on them Crown Nation dude UK got you all Day!!!!

  6. Mojahedul Islam says:

    RESPECT… always some Classic Shit From the D.. went to the Website… those T Shirts are HARD!!!
    dope cross-marketing!!! KEEP GOING MY DUDE

  7. Janesprescription says:

    i like this!!!!! thank you

  8. Mauri's ondeck says:


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